The Smiths
Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want
Hatful Of Hollow

So for once in my life
Let me get what I want
Lord knows, it would be the first time.


I won’t think twice to stick that barrel straight down Sancho’s throat.
Believe me when I say that I’ve got something for his punk ass.

“This is a song about drinking!” — Country music singers before every song ever played since 2000.

I excel in completely ruining and fucking things up. I’m so good at it that I deserve a Goddamn medal or something.

Alkaline Trio
My Little Needle

So where are you, my little needle?
The scars are burned away, but I am so inebriated that I
Cannot see three feet in front of me.
Between the moon and you, lunacy is setting in.

Blue October
Into The Ocean

I’m sinking to the bottom of my
Everything that freaks me out
The lighthouse beam has just run out
I’m cold as cold as cold can be

I want to swim away but don’t know how
Sometimes it feels just like I’m falling in the ocean

Anonymous asked: jim johnston

Anonymous asked: Rancid

Am I a fan?: I love Rancid. I have always loved Rancid. I will always love Rancid.

Favorite song: "Hoover St."

Favorite album: "And Out Come The Wolves". One of the greatest albums in history. From start to finish, it’s incredible. It brings you to California. You’re at the clubs. You know the people. You feel the sun, hear the music, see the beach, etc. Awesome album.

Favorite member: Lars Frederiksen. That dude is what punk rock was created for. If the word “punk” had never existed before Lars, it would have been invented to describe him.

Seen live?: Three times? Four? The best time I saw them was in 2008 at Rockettown in Nashville. They played 40 songs, everything I wanted to hear, and barely rested at all. I got to hang with Lars and Matt before the show and they were cool as shit.

Unpopular opinion: I think loving Rancid is as unpopular as it gets, these days.

Band rate: 10. Period. 10.

l0am asked: The bosstones

Am I a fan?: Of course!

Favorite song: "The Rascal Queen"

Favorite album: Let’s Face It!

Favorite member: Dicky Barrett is the king of ska-punk. He’s the guy.

Seen live?: Once at Warped Tour in 2002, but I honestly don’t remember much from it because it was like sensory overload.

Unpopular opinion: I don’t have any. I think they’re great.

Band rate: 10. Pure gold.

Anonymous asked: Descendants

Am I a fan?: Who isn’t?!

Favorite song: "Everything Sux".

Favorite album: Everything Sux! What an album. Hard, fast, emotional, and gold.

Favorite member: I feel like I’d be lynched if I didn’t say Milo.

Seen live?: Negative. I haven’t had the chance to.

Unpopular opinion: As much as I like Descendents, I don’t think they’re one of the greatest bands of all-time, or even one of the greatest punk bands.

Band rate: 8. I don’t love the band, but I always enjoy them when I listen.

Anonymous asked: Screeching weasel

Am I a fan?: Indeed!

Favorite song: "The Science Of Myth"

Favorite album: My Brain Hurts. Not just because it was the title of one of my favorite comics, but also because it’s one of those albums you can jam out to in any situation.

Favorite member: Steve Cheese. Hell of a drummer and one of those cats that a lot of people overlook.

Seen live?: Negative. Never had the chance.

Unpopular opinion: None.

Band rate: 5. Not one of my favorites, but a good band nonetheless.

Anonymous asked: Subhumanz

Am I a fan?: No.

Favorite song:

Favorite album:

Favorite member:

Seen live?:

Unpopular opinion:

Band rate: 

ejkhryst asked: Queen

Am I a fan?: Fuck yes!

Favorite song: "Under Pressure"

Favorite album: Queen II

Favorite member: Freddie Mercury is the greatest vocalist in rock and roll history. I will not put up with any disagreement. Queen isn’t my favorite band, and truly Mercury isn’t my favorite vocalist, but he’s incredible.

Seen live?: Nah, I haven’t been alive that long.

Unpopular opinion: I fucking hate the song “The Bicycle Song”.

Band rate: 10.

Anonymous asked: The queers

Am I a fan?: I am.

Favorite song: "Get A Life And Live It Loser"

Favorite album: Love Songs For The Retarded

Favorite member: Joe Queer. Dude is fearless and proud to be punk rock. Hasn’t been one of those “bigger punk than you” dudes and always keeps it to small venues.

Seen live?: Twice. Once in 2008 after work, which blew because I missed the first like 20 minutes. The second time, I raged for almost an hour of their set.

Unpopular opinion: None available.

Band rate: 7.

ejkhryst asked: Korn

Am I a fan?: I was for several years but haven’t been since I was about 18.

Favorite song: "Thoughtless". Everything about that song is great, from the lyrics to the feeling from the music to the video itself. Great tune.

Favorite album: Issues was totally solid. I remember hearing that when I was 13 or 14 and just being blown away at the flow and feel of the album. It was one of the first times I would just listen to a full CD and not skip ahead or back.

Favorite member: Jonathan Davis is the driving force behind Korn. Without Davis, Korn would have been just another band.

Seen live?: Not yet. I’m seeing them in October.

Unpopular opinion: They haven’t been jack shit since 2003.

Band rate: 6, simply because they should have quit while they were ahead.