Photos from Days Of The Dead con this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana.

1) Me and Sean Whalen, who played Roach in The People Under The Stairs. Not only was he really down to Earth and chill, but he was also a blast to hang out with. You could tell he was having the time of his life.

2) Myself with John Kassir, who voiced The Cryptkeeper in Tales From The Crypt. The first day there, I waved at him from our booth, so he came over and struck up a conversation with us. Dude was phenomenally nice, and it was awesome to hear him do the voice in person.

3) Sean, myself, and Felissa Rose, who was Angela in Sleepaway Camp. Felissa is an absolute angel in person, sweet as can be and beautiful as well. This picture is us posing as a wrestling faction, all looking as badass as possible.

4) The man himself, Adolfo, who put the convention together. Really rad dude with a heart of gold.

5) Laurence Harvey of The Human Centipede: Full Sequence, biting my chest. He was such a little badass, and you would never believe he was such a creep in the film if you’d met him person. He’s also very British.

6) RA Milhoff, who played Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3. He’s fucking huge, and intimidating as shit… until you talk to him. Then he’s like your badass uncle who would kill someone for you, no questions asked.

7) Me, Sal Lizard, Patrick, and Loko in the background. Sal’s just an old dude who played a killer Santa, but he’s cool as fuck

8) Jimmy Bickert, director and writer of Dear God No!, and myself. The cast and crew of DGN were at the table next to me, and were all really awesome, funny guys who were a blast to hang with.

9) Spider-One of Powerman 5000 and myself. He was directly across from us during the con, and was really down to Earth. 14 year old me was creaming in his pants.

10) Ron McGovney, who was the original bassist of Metallica, throwing up the horns with me. My dipshit friend cut my hand off here. Ron’s table was next to mine, and he was really soft-spoken and chill. Really rad dude.

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